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Cattle Drive

The cattle wear the large cowbells you can see here only on the days when they are driven up and down the mountain and on special occasions. On the day when the cattle leave for summer, the farmers drive them up the mountains to alpine pastures above the tree line. This is a very important day for the farmers; they clean the animals and decorate them with various types of cowbells. When the cows have arrived at their alpine pastures, the large bells are replaced by smaller ones so that the cattle can graze without problems. The various large bells then hang under the roof of the alpine herdsmen's hut for the rest of the summer, or they decorate the farmer's stable, as you can see here. The animals wear bells on the open pastures so that the herdsmen and dairymen can hear them and know where they are at all times.The cattle are usually driven up the mountains in the middle of June. This depends on the weather conditions, which vary every year.

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