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The History of the Village

Take a seat on a bench and look towards the other side of the valley. Depending on the season you can see imposing streams or roaring avalanches thundering down into the valley. When there is a lot of new snow, there may also be so-called dust avalanches. The pressure waves that precede them can cause severe destruction. Sometimes ice breaks off the glaciers, or there may be landslides or falling rocks. The people here are aware of the unpredictable forces of nature, and have learnt to live with them. Nonetheless, sometimes nature hits badly, and there are tragic accidents in the mountains. The Jungfrau, the landmark of the region, is the summit to the left of the glacier you can see above the tree line. On the right, you can see the Ebnefluh, Mittaghorn and Grosshorn. The Swiss Alpine Club has built huts in strategically suitable places in the high alpine mountains from which alpinists set off to climb these high summits. In December 2001, everything you can see here was declared a Unesco World Heritage area. Gimmelwald has an ancient history.

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