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There are three main motives that recur in many legends: The first is the steadfast belief that in the past life was better because of the milder climate. The second is that there are hidden treasures in the interior of the mountains. Lastly, one hears of the existence of two alpine passes to the Valais. There are also explanations of how the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountains were created. One story tells that in the past a family of giants lived on Wengernalp, one of the stops on the way up to the Jungfraujoch. The father, his two sons and his daughter got more and more evil as the years went by. Once, a poor man came by and asked the giant for a glass of milk. But the giant shouted at him and told him that they did not have any extra milk, so he should drink water. But the poor man was actually a mountain spirit. Before he simply vanished before the eyes of the giants, he cursed them. So, the evil giants started growing, and they got bigger and bigger and turned into rock and ice. The father turned into Eiger, the sons into the white and black Mönch, and the daughter into Jungfrau. Now you know how these world-famous summits were created! There are also legends that had an educational value, for example the legend of the old hook man.

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