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The Old Sawmill

You have reached the traditional sawmill in the Sefinen Valley. This sawmill is over 150 years old and is still operating – from time to time, that is. It is owned by the farming cooperative that owns the two alps “Schilt” and “Busen”.Since the cooperative owns about 530 acres of forest, they decided to build a sawmill in 1858. In the sawmill, logs are cut into industrial timber. On the beam below the roof you can see an inscription that dates the construction to 1858 and honours the builders. The gang saw has always been driven by the water of the stream “Schiltbach”. The sawmill only operates from May until late autumn, because that is the time of year when water is plentiful. In addition, the sawmill can only be accessed when there is no more risk of avalanches. Originally the saw blade was driven by a waterwheel. On the 12th of August 1933, a violent hail storm occurred in the Schiltalp area.

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