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About the Past and Today

You have chosen the short tour. As soon as you see a bench on the left side of the street, we invite you to sit down and take a look at a couple of houses in the village. Most of the houses are built in the traditional style with cellar walls built of natural stone, and upper walls made of massive common spruce wood. They have already survived many generations. The facades are blackened by the sun; they have not been painted, as one might assume. Most houses were built for two families. One lived in the left and the other in the right half. In the past, the roofs were all made of wooden shingles, on which lay heavy rocks to protect the roof against damage in strong winds and snowstorms. The winds in particular can be very strong in this area. On several occasions, roofs have been blown away and houses have been seriously damaged. Building a house required a lot of time and energy, because the wood had to be cut and sawn by hand and often carried here by the local men. The oldest extant house was built in 1658.

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