Despite claims to the contrary, this is still a winter month. April weather in Gimmelwald often means snow flurries and cold temperatures. At the same time, the first flowers, primroses and spring gentians, are already in bloom in the Sefinen valley, and at times the weather can be warm, friendly and spring like.

At Easter, activity returns to Muerren and Gimmelwald, but after the holiday is over, most hotels in Muerren and Gimmelwald close and only reopen between mid-May and early June. It’s quieter in the village, the locals are left to themselves. Many of those who make a living from tourism go on vacation at the end of April. The Schilthorn cable car, the lifeline of our village, also comes to a standstill, with the usual overhaul of the cable car. The winter weather often returns during the overhaul. The railroad is put through its paces and thanks to this work, it runs without major incident for the rest of the year. Despite the inspection (it usually takes a week), Gimmelwald is always accessible. During this time, the steep transport cable car runs from Stechelberg directly to Mürren. There you change to a minibus, which takes you down to Gimmelwald in 20 minutes. As soon as the revision is over and the gondola is running again, day trippers return to the village.

As a guest in April you get a unique insight into village life as there are far fewer tourists than in summer. For the farmers a new year begins. The whole family goes to the fields "armed" with rakes. Stones and leaves from last autumn are removed from the fields. The men spray the fields with liquid manure and repair the fences.