In May our valley becomes a paradise. The gentians, rock primroses and sulphur anemones and a thousand other flowers start to bloom. In every small pond the frogs and mountain newts start their spawning business. Only when you look closely at a small newt, will you realise how indescribably beautiful and colourful our animal world is. The chamois can often be observed close to the village. If you are lucky, you will now find the first edible morels. For the farmers the field work begins. First the pastures must be cleared of stones. Several women also pick the tender leaves of the dandelion and process it into a wonderfully fresh salad. In addition, all villagers begin with their garden work. They plant potatoes and sow salad and vegetables or plant seedlings. Almost all inhabitants of Gimmelwald have a garden plot. What could be better than vegetables from your own garden?!

During the course of the month, the farmers go up to the various Alps together to repair the fences. Now the poles produced in winter are being used.