August begins with the Swiss National Day. Usually there is a lantern parade through the village in Gimmelwald and everyone watches the fireworks together. On the first weekend in August the village festival takes place in Muerren. The highlight is the festive procession on Sunday, in which beautifully decorated cows and goats run along with the locals both young and old who represent the various clubs and associations.

The first days of August are often the hottest of the year, but they cannot be compared to the Dog Days of the lowlands. The heat in Gimmelwald is always bearable, and in the evenings, it is pleasantly cool. In the middle of August, the weather often changes. Rarely it can snow, but this snow does not stay for long. After a few cloudy days you realise that it has become autumn. The air becomes clearer and the alpine meadows gradually change from green to yellow. In summer, clouds often appear over the Schilthorn quite early but now the sky remains clear all day. The mushroom-picking season starts for many people in Gimmelwald and they seek out their secret places where ceps and chanterelles can be picked. Some years there are masses of bilberries and cranberries.